Nighty Nites Fitted Nappy Pack

Have you been interested in trying Night nappies, however find it a little daunting?! The NEW Nighty Nites fitted nappy pack allows you to dip your toes into the night nappy world and take our fitted nappies for a spin over and have a wonderful stay dry night!

Nighty Nites Fitted Nappy Pack includes:

>> 3 Nighty Nites Fitted Nappy Shells

>> 3 Bamboo and Hemp Insert sets

>> 3 Bamboo and microfleece boosters

>> 2 Waterproof Covers of your choice

>> Washing care instructions   

The Nighty Nites Bamboo Fitted Night Nappy can be resized easily with the use of our snap button configuration. They have been designed to fit from birth to toilet training comfortably.


  • One size fits most- 4kg-16+kg


  • The Nighty Nites nappy has been tailor made to suit your night nappy needs.
  • It is the exact shell of the Junior Flex nappy and will fit your baby the same 
  • It is an Ai2 (All in Two) style nappy with a snap at the back for the insert set
  • Due to the nappy being fully absorbent, it will give you a minimum of 14 layers of absorbency as is.
  • If needed adding an extra night time booster to the nappy for bed time will increase your absorbency even more. (Every child wets different- extra absorbency may still be required)


  • Nighty Nite nappy features a VERY soft Bamboo Velour outer shell
  • Interior of the shell is lined with a heavy weight Bamboo Fleece for comfort and absorbency. It is soft to touch and great for sensitive skin. 
  • The whole nappy shell is ABSORBENT- it will require a separate waterproof cover such as our Swim nappy shell or the Flex Wrap cover to make it a fully waterproof nappy for bed time or heavy wetters during the day

Insert Set:

  • Our insert set is signature made, it consists of a long insert which can be snapped into the nappy as an Ai2 or inside the pocket. There is a small bamboo booster that snaps on and off from the long insert to create triple the layers. 
  • It has been designed to last wash after wash, with minimal shrinkage and warping. It's unique features allow for full customisation for the parent, allowing the absorption to be tailored where it's needed the most.
  • The fabrics used for the insert are the most important features of the modern cloth nappy. Our inserts are made up of two layers of hemp fleece and one layer of heavy bamboo fleece.
  • The layers are configured so the bamboo fleece which is soft, sits against baby's skin, whereas the hemp layers are on the bottom soaking up all the liquid.


We are proudly 100% Australian owned, designed and operated

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